Marines retake Chernagorsk – mass graves discovered

CHERNOGORSK, Chernarus (AAN) – Daring assault relieves besieged government forces.

Chernogorsk, the South Zagorian capital, is tonight under the control of native Chernarussian Defence Forces, thanks to a daring assault by US Marines.

Chernogorsk was captured last week by forces belonging to the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star – a political party formerly in opposition to the Chernarussian government. The ChDKZ was forcibly dissolved two years ago, sparking a brief civil war. Prime Minister Alexander Baranov and several cabinet members were captured during the ChDKZ attack and later executed. Small parts of the capital, most of the south coast and much of the remote north east remain in ChDKZ hands this afternoon.

The CDF’s attempt to retake Chernogorsk on sunday proved disastrous when mechanized infantry from the 8th Battalion managed to retake a small part of the city, only to be cut off from their thinly stretched main force.

According to a US press release, the CDF 8th Battalion were liberated by the arriving Marines before jointly driving ChDKZ forces out of the city. First hand reports from Chernagorsk are not possible at this time.

The statement also reveals the discovery of mass graves in villages around the capital. Although stopping short of the term ‘ethnic cleansing’, the region’s ethnic battle lines are well-known. More evidence of ChDKZ war crimes are predicted.