Black Element Rebrand Corporate Image

SOUTH CAROLINA, United States (AAN) – Black Element International Announces Change of Name

ION, Inc., the new operating name of private military company, Black Element, was publicly announced today. Other business units within the group are to remain unchanged.

An offical spokesperson described the transition as being “just one part of our global corporate strategy to redefine our focus upon more generic company services”, with ION seeking to appeal to a broader base of clients, moving away from specialist excellence, into the more lucrative generic field.

The change follows a series of complications in various flashpoints around the globe, including Tajikistan and the Aleutian Islands. Chernarus correspondant, Joe Harris, provided this analysis:

What’s clear is that Black Element are seeking to disassociate themselves from their stained history. ‘Cowboys’ isn’t really the word; rather, these contractors considered themselves as knights, riding around the globe and thrusting their gauntlets into the faces of any who might dare to challenge them.”

He continued:

“A lot of people say a name doesn’t matter. But recent flashpoints have shown that not to be the case: there is still a lot of resentment carried by that name.”

Recent Controversy

In 2007, several Black Element contractors were reportedly involved in an unsuccessful coup d’état against Queen Isabella Ximénez of Sahrani. Black Element denied any responsibility, stating that these contractors had exceeded the terms of their original brief, and were acting on their own. Black Element immediately terminated the contracts of all alleged participants.

In 2009, a series of controvertial incidents – involving Black Element contractors and the deaths of several Chernarussian civilians in Elektrozavodsk – sparked worldwide condemnation of the group’s presence in the region.”.

Most recently, Black Element lost its no-bid contract agreement with the U.S. government that had provided a lucrative revenue stream from, chiefly, Green Sea operations; yet, it continues to retain a presence in the region, actively bidding for independent contracts.

ION’s primary Green Sea base is located in the stable city of Bandar-e Ghazmi, where it oversees a $92 million contract to redevelop the deep water port facility; however, it retains outposts in the more the volatile Central Takistan area and exclusive operational rights in Zargabad.

Coporate History

ION, Inc. is a private military company, founded as Black Element in September 1998, and aquired by Vrana Industries earlier this year. Specialising in security solutions, ION itself controls a number of subsiduary divisions, which provide services tailored to specialist enviornments, such as maritime and aviation security.

Establised initially as a private aviation security agency, Black Element expanded further into the security services market following the expansion of U.S. military activity in 2002. Growing in size and reputation with the recruitment of several influential executives and acquisitions of rival companies, ION has emerged as the largest US-based PMC, and a major player on the global scene.

Although positioned to supply general security solutions, ION provides specialist strategic resource protection services, working closely across petrochemical, mining, and nuclear industries. Using political and business connections to leverage advantage, ION continues to dominate in these fields, and actively seeks to strike out into new sectors.