Radayev Extradition Approved

NOVIGRAD, Chernarus (AAN) – Chernarussian court confirms Radayev extradition.

Today a court hearing determined that alleged Chechen arms dealer, Aslan Radayev, wanted by Moscow on charges of terrorism, should be extradited to Russia.

A prolonged American-led investigation, executed in conjunction with Czech Special forces teams, detained Mr Radayev in South Zagoria, Chernarus, earlier this month.

Mr Radayev faces numerous charges of terrorism in Russia and is accused of supplying National Party (NAPA) guerrillas in Chernarus.


Sources close to the Chernarussian judiciary have expressed surprise at the speed with which the decision was reached. However, analysts have suggested that Russia’s recent confirmation to abide by its international commitments to maintain a ban on the death sentence had a significant influence upon the decision.

UPDATE: AAN world news understands that Radayev’s representatives are to to appeal Chernarussian judiciary decision, amid growing concerns regarding his safety in Russia.

Death Penalty

The death penalty was effectively abolished in the Russian Federation in 1996. The country ratified the moratorium following the signature of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Dmitry Talygin, the chairman of the Federation Council’s Committee on Legal and Juridical Issues, confirmed that the ban on the death penalty will remain after the current legal suspension expired on 1 January.

However, Mr Talygin also suggested that plans were in place to draft a law that would introduce capital punishment for staging a terrorist attack resulting in multiple losses of life.


American intellegence officer, Mark Reynolds, coordinated the border-spanning investigation in the Green Sea Region.

Mr Reynolds has garnered a formidible reputation for success across numerous investigations in the region, most recently completing a controversial report on the slaying of a top Chernarussian geologist in Karzeghistan, which saw Private Military Company, Black Element, cleared of any professional neglect.

Mr Reynolds was not present at the hearing today, but is expected to give evidence in the future; however, The American Embassy in Novigrad praised the professionalism of Czech Special forces, which they described as ‘key to the operational success of the investigation’:

“On behalf of the investigation team operating in Chernarus, we express our satifsafction at the resolution of this investigation. Working closely with members of the 601st Special Forces Group, we have managed to bring a dangerous individual one step closer to the justice he deserves to face”.

Czech Presence in Chernarus

Czech forces have recently played an important role following the deployment of a U.S. Marine Expeditionary Force in 2009.

The largest part of the NATO contingent present in Chernarus on Peacekeeping Operations, Czech forces have assisted in the supervision of reconstruction programmes in South Zagoria.

Czech forces are scheduled to remain in Chernarus until 2012, who alongside the British Armed Forces, will assist in training exercises and regional development programmes.