Green Sea ARMEX events confirmed

MAZARGAN, Karzseghistan (AAN) – Vrana Corp confirm future ARMEX tradeshow

Vrana Corp, the primary stakeholder in the international military tradeshow, ARMEX, today confirmed plans to return to the Green Sea Region next year. Following the recent success of their military expos, Vrana has moved quickly to maintain a foothold in the regional market but, as yet, has not indicated which nations will host these events.


Earlier this month, ARMEX events were held in Karzeghistan and Russia. Initially planned for South Zagoria and Takistan, but relocated at short notice due to ongoing security concerns, senior organisers within the corporation have been keen to praise the host countries for providing special assistance at short notice:

Certainly, Marzargan has proven itself as a wonderful host city. We owe a debt of gratitude to several hard-working government officials and private contractors, without whose assistance, this established annual tradeshow would not have been feasible.

He Continued:

I’d say that Russia is somewhere that we’d certainly look to return to in the future, we all know how important it is to balance our regional expo distribution, but no work is – as yet – in place to this end.


Recently, ARMEX tradeshows have become the focus of anti-war protesters. Several hundred members of the Organisation of Protesters Demanding Reform (OfPDR) stormed the Czech trade show in 2009, looting a significant amount of valuable equipment, but unable to bring the ARMEX event to a close.

Vrana is keen to boost its corporate image in the region, following a series of controversies across the Green Sea. Most notably, ION Inc. – in which Vrana Corp holds the controlling share – has provoked a renewed focus upon its diverse regional business activities from industry watchdogs and the independent media.


ARMEX is a military expo showcasing a broad variety of military equipment, with specially acquired licenses that permit ARMEX entrants to test-fire a range of weapons and vehicles. The deaths of several entrants at the 2001 London Expo sparked a full investigation from MILCOM, the governing body of military expos, which absolved the organisers of the event from any responsibility.

About Vrana Corp

The Quebec City-headquartered Corporation was established in 1986, founded in principle by visionary shipping industrialist, Raymond John St. Pierre, and several other key investors. Vrana holds the majority stake in several international private security and military companies, with market analysts forecasting the company to continue to expand in this sector in the financial year 2010/11.

Vrana continues to expand its diverse portfolio of business interests; recently, strengthening its foothold in Chinese shipping markets and trade infrastructure, with a host of strategic acquisitions.