British Armed Forces Defuse Shapur Bomb

MAZARGAN, Karzeghistan (AAN) – British engineers defuse explosive device at Shapur facility.

Today marked a significant escalation in border tensions between Takistan and Karzeghistan, with the defusal of a large explosive device at a strategic industrial complex, near Shapur e-Dalanper.

British Armed Forces Explosive experts, who had been involved in regional training exercises, were quickly diverted to the area to offer assistance.”

Regional Training

British troops have been involved in various training maneouvers in the Green Sea Region. The current exercise are in place as a result of place which sought to build upon the success of previous, small-scale, training deployments.

Last Year, Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, and other Green Sea allies, had established close connections with high ranking Karzeghistani governmental and military officials in the period immediately preceeding the Chernarussian flashpoint.

These exercises were curtailed by commitments set out by the NATO peace-keeping force in Chernarus, which saw British Forces deploy to take on an active role in the peacekeeping operations in South Zagoria as the US Army restructured its strategic presence in the region.

Major Tom Middleton has described the British presence as ‘incredibly useful’ experience for the men under his command, and has praised the inter-governmental cooperation that has enabled British forces to sustain an active presence in the Green Sea Region.