US Marines reportedly inside Chernarus

SOUTH ZAGORIA, Chernogorsk (AAN) – Unconfirmed sightings raise hopes for Chernarus solution.

Reports flooding in from sources all over Chernarus say one thing this morning: the Marines are here. The US embassy has yet to confirm the invasion and live communication with sources inside the South Zagoria region of Chernarus is difficult, however the shear volume of reports received by AAN and increased activity in the blogsphere and on social networking sites clearly point to a surprise invasion from US forces.

Earlier this week the US redirected the 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit to the Green Sea from maneuvers in the Mediterranean, following the assassination of Chernarussian PM Alexander Baranov and increasing violence inside South Zagoria.

One anonymous blogger claims to have seen what ‘he’ calls a series of “cruise missiles” heading along the coast toward the provincial capital Chernagorsk. Several claim to have seen “jet aircraft” “strafing” the ChDKZ-occupied city. Last month mechanized infantry claiming to belong to the defunct ‘Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star’ took control of much of the region’s south coast. Chernogorsk fell to the rebels last week.

Foreign journalists have been denied entry to the region since the crisis began in September.