Security Council stalemate

NEW YORK, United States (AAN) – UNSC fail to agree Resolution as Chernarus slides into civil war.

The Emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in New York has failed to reach an agreement concerning the Chernarussian Crisis despite nearly 12 hours of talks.

Yesterday Russia called the meeting after US forces were mobilized to the region. However the Council could not agree on a resolution for action. Russia continues to mass armed forces near the Chernarussian border while US Marines of the 27th MEU are somewhere in the Green Sea to the south.

Meanwhile troops from the Chernarussian Defence Force continue to battle ChDKZ separatists inside the provincial capital of Chernogorsk as refugees flee the area into Chernarus proper.

The UNSC failure to reach an agreement on the crisis has been universally blasted by international critics. While the Chernarussian government have publicly called for US military aid many others see Russian claims of regional authority as entirely valid. Neither country seems happy to unilaterally commit armed forces to the country while the other may do the same however. “It’s a dreadful situation.” One New York office official said this morning, “I can’t see this being solved quickly.”

Chernarus may not have the time to wait. ChDkZ forces are continuing to exert control over the South Zagoria region while pictures released online reveal several CDF units defecting to the rebel cause. Images of CDF personnel shaking hands with ChDKZ commanders will do little to stabilise the unrest in Chernarus proper.