Russians call emergency UN meeting

SOUTH ZAGORIA, Chernarus (AAN) – Federation officials said to be “outraged” at US move.

An emergency meeting of the UN Security Council has been called in New York following the US decision to move a USMC task force into the Green Sea.

The meeting will discuss the ongoing crisis in Chernarus – an ex-soviet bloc country, widely agreed to be within Russia’s so-called ‘sphere of influence’. The arrival of the 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit in the Green Sea was labelled “provocative” by Russian embassy officials earlier this week.

Although the US has repeatedly described the Marine presence as purely precautionary, the direct, televised Chernarussian government appeals for foreign military aid in South Zagoria have led many to conclude the US has plans to deploy troops in the region.

Aid organisations are rushing to the South Zagoria border where refugees continue to flee ChDKZ insurgency. So far CDF border controls have prevented NGOs from entering the province.

Many parts of Chernarus are suffering outbreaks of looting as terrified citizens hoard food, water and fuel. Although experts agree the chances of the conflict spreading to other parts of the country are remote, the government is struggling to keep civil order following the assassination of PM Baranov last week.

The Security Council meeting is due to commence later today. Russia – who as a permanent member holds the power of veto over any resolution under Article 27 of the charter – is thought to be seeking clarification of US intentions in the region.