Chernarussian Geologist Killed in Karzeghistan

MAZARGAN, Karzeghistan (AAN) – Chernarussian expedition ambushed.

The slaying of top a Chernarussian Geologist in the Karzeghistan-Takistan border region has dealt a serious blow to potentially lucrative extraction contracts, and has proven a bitter reminder of the escalating tensions in the Green Sea Region.

Facts remain sparse, with initial reports painting a conflicted picture. Karzeghistani officials are conducting an investigation into the incident, with many looking to local dissident groups as the focus of the ongoing search for answers.

The Takistani Exterior Minister moved quickly to distance Takistan from the affair, releasing this statement hours after initial reports filtered through the wires:

“Takistan is saddened to bear witness to the accidental deaths of Chernarussian oil contractors, and seek to fully support any investigation.”

“Wicked suggestions of Takistani involvement are wild inaccuracies; there is no evidence to suggest such support”.

In the local area, differing reports are emerging. PMC Black Element were unavailable for comment; however, sources close to the corporation suggest that the raid on the convoy was a professional, well coordinated attack.

The raid comes at a time of difficult negotiations between Chernarussian industrial magnates and the hard line Takmyr administration, who seek to improve terms of oil and mineral extraction rights within Takistani borders. Reports suggest that political pressure is being levied upon Chernarussian companies to diversify their imports of natural resources, with the threat of sanctions from the international community looming large on the horizon in response to aggressive Takistani weapons programmes.