Green Sea Anger at Takistani Missile Launch

NOVIGRAD, Chernarus (AAN) – Chernarussian anger at belligerent rogue state.

The Chernarussian Government has reacted angrily today following a Takistani missile test flight near its territory.

Officials in Novigrad say the medium-range ballistic missile test-fired by Takistan landed in the Green Sea.

Regional Tension

The Chernarussian President Baranov, brother of the assassinated Chernarussian premier, confirmed that his government had been aware of Takistan’s preparations to launch a ballistic missile into the waters south of the nation’s capital, in Chernarussia’s Western Province.

As a result, Chernarus has refused to sign an agreement on the sharing of costs of improvements in intra-regional communications. Chief Cabinet Secretary Jan Haládik has lodged a protest with the hard-line Takmyr administration.

“To conduct – without prior notification – a ballistic missile test in the Green Sea, where numerous merchant, military and civilian vessels and aircraft are operating, constitutes an extremely dangerous act”, Mr Haládik said.

This latest event, part of a series of regional political flashpoints, emphasises the geopolitical tensions in the Green Sea region.

US concern

The United States has expressed concern over the Takistani action. Correspondents report it is likely to overshadow talks which have resumed in New York between Washington and Takmyr on the progress of an agreement by Takistan to freeze its weapons development programme.

Takistani Ministry of Defense officials stated that new missiles are stationed in Central Takistan as long-range defensive assets.

Takistan’s Weapon Development Programme

Chernarussian officials have announced the missile had landed inside their territorial waters and are reported to have sent warships to the area to investigate.

Karzeghistan’s Defence Ministry identified the missile as a newly-improved Scud-B ballistic missiles, with an estimated range of approximately 300km.

The test firing precedes plans for the newly formed Special Artillery Regiments – under the control of Abdul-Mussawir Ghafurzai – to deploy the improved missiles, fitted to mobile launching vehicles.

The AAN Novigrad correspondent notes the speculation that the latest missile firing was intended by Takistan as a demonstration of power in advance of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Socialist state.