Chernarus firms strike uneasy deal in Takistan

SOUTH ZAGORIA, Chernarus (AAN) – Chernarussian industrialists in key trade negotiations.

Even as economic storm clouds scud over Takmyr, and only the faintest rays of light break from the west, pressure is mounting on Chernarussian industrialists to secure key oil and mineral contracts in the Green Sea Region.

The government is coming under sustained pressure to stimulate flagging industrial output and secure jobs for the thousands of unemployed workers in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. However, with Chernarus seeking to both shift its dependence away from Russia and go some way toward stabilising the volatile geopolitical situation, the choices made at this time must be taken with great care.

Takistan has long been the big player in regional raw material markets; yet, trade negotiations have recently stalled with the hard-line Takmyr administration veering toward protectionist economic measures in the context of international condemnation of Takistani sabre rattling in the region. Indeed, at the heart of tense negotiations between private Chernarussian companies and state-controlled assets rest uneasy understandings between the states.

Under-the-table deals between the nation’s leaders have secured a framework for agreements to take place. With concern in the region growing in light of the expansion of Takistani military development projects, Chernarussian diplomats have secured promises of caps on weapon stockpiling.

The news will provide a welcome boost for the Novigrad administration, with politicians recently coming under sustained pressure in the wake of both highened regional tensions and the economic downturn, which has affected so many across Chernarus, and the Green Sea as a whole.