Marines En Route to Green Sea

GREEN SEA, Chernarus (AAN) — U.S. sends Marine task force to Chernarussian Crisis zone.

The United States has diverted a Marine Expeditionary Unit to the Green Sea in what some are seeing as an effort to subdue the rapidly developing crisis there.

U.S Embassy staff have confirmed that the USS Khe Sahn – a Wasp class carrier capable of carrying around 2,000 men and over 30 aircraft, including Harrier II attack fighters and Super Cobra gunships – has been diverted from maneuvers in the Mediterranean following the assassination of Chernarussian PM Alexander Baranov on friday.

Experts are seeing the move as a show of force rather that a declaration of intent, a warning shot across the bows of rebel forces currently occupying cities along the south coast of the Chernarussian province of Zagoria.

Following PM Baranov’s assassination the rebels – who claim to be members of the Chernarussian government’s former opposition party the Chernarussian Red Star Movement (or ChDKZ) – have consolidated their hold on territories within the South Zagoria region. Members of the currently leaderless Chernarussian government have made direct television appeals to the international community for military aid and AAN has learned that the Chernarussian ambassador to the UN spent two hours in private talks with officials yesterday evening.

A navy spokesman said: “The 27th Marine Expeditionary and USS Khe Sahn have been diverted to the Green Sea as a precautionary measure only. The United States is under no obligation to assist the Chernarussian government in this crisis.”

The region is widely agreed to be within the Russian ‘sphere of influence’ and international spectators are keen to see what response the Federation will have.