NATO training exercises planned for Green Sea Region

Helicopters required a refit to adapt to the conditions.

MAZARGAN, Karzeghistan (AAN) – NATO set for autumn training exercises.

NATO forces will deploy on a series of training exercises in the Green Sea Region this year. The plans, which mark a shift from previous training policies (prior to 2009, large-scale NATO training exercises were not conducted in the region), were confirmed today.

In autumn, joint military training with the US army will be held in the South East of Karzeghistan. Preliminarily, approximately 400 US Marine infantry units will deploy, joining with Chernarussian military forces and forming a single battalion.

The exercises take place following the success of previous, small-scale, training deployments. The first of such exercises, largely involving British Armed Forces and other Green Sea allies, took place in the period immediately preceding the Chernarussian flashpoint in 2009.

British army spokesman, Major Tom Middleton, at the time described the exercises as ‘incredibly useful’.

“Karzeghistan provides the perfect opportunity for realistic training, as we are able to deploy with elements of the Royal Artillery and Royal Engineers, giving us even more realistic training for Operations – and War”, Major Middleton said.

According to the data of the Karzeghistan Defence Ministry, it is intended that the number and the scope of similar trainings will increase in the future.