‘Conventional’ war over?

NEW YORK, United States (AAN) – Second Round of UN talks begin as ChDKZ line begins to collapse.

The second round of Security Council talks, aimed at bringing a multilateral solution to Chernarus begun at UN Headquarters in New York today. The meeting comes as CDF and USMC forces claim a massive breakthrough in ChDKZ lines.

Elements of the 27th MEU and Chernarussian Defence Force have cleared key strongholds in the north of the country, paving the way for allied troops to begin counter insurgency operations in the region.

Until now, say US commanders, the warfighting has been mainly ‘conventional’ – relatively large scale allied mechanized infantry, tank and airborne operations facing off against organised regular ChDKZ army units. It’s thought the conflict will now change tack with more counter insurgency operations becoming the norm.

The breakthrough is being hailed as a big step on the road toward peace in the region, but a UN resolution detailing how and more importantly who will deal with the fallout at the end of main combat operations is yet to be decided. Hopes are high that todays Security Council meeting will produce a clear and cohesive response and sense from Permanent Members.