2nd chance for UN talks

NEW YORK, United States (AAN) – Second round of UN Security Council talks tabled.

A second round of talks aimed at creating a combined UN solution to the Chernarussian crisis will begin tomorrow. The failure of Council members to reach a unanimous agreement earlier this week has been widely criticised. With CDF control of South Zagoria almost a fait accompli thanks to US intervention a UN resolution to secure multilateral consensus may seem somewhat moot.

However, the talks are being seen as a necessary salve for an enraged Russian Federation, increasingly provoked by attacks on ethnic Russian settlers inside the province by nationalist militias.

Experts also point out that the US 27th Marine Expeditionary Unit currently deployed inside Chernarus is a strike force ill-suited to post combat operations. UN forces will be required to support the local Chernarussian Defence Force who still struggle to hold ground captured by USMC action.

USMC Forces in South Zagorie, Chernarus.

Although the combined CDF/UMSC forces continue to roll back ChDKZ lines criticisms have been made of the US-led approach. More CDF troops are being deployed from mainland Chernarus at the request of US commanders but the army is perilously close to breaking point. Rioting in Chernarussian cities continued last night despite the newly elected Interim Government ordering a new curfew. NGOs inside Chernarus claim the government simply lacks the manpower to fight a war and simultaneously control the worried populace.

It is widely expected that the second round of talks in New York tomorrow will produce a multilateral solution, possibly with the introduction of UN troops to the South Zagoria region. The Russian Federation maintain they will use their power of veto on any proposed resolution that does not call for the immediate withdrawal of US troops however.