Nationalist reprisals intensify

SOUTH ZAGORIA, Chernarus (AAN) – More civilian violence in remote northern Chernarus.

The CDF/USMC advance is stalling against a resurgent ChDKZ army as nationalist militas continue to attack ethnic Russian settlements.

Reports of increased ferocity in fighting between CDF troops and ChDKZ separatists have called into question the efficacy of the US-led approach to the conflict. Ground in the more northerly regions of the province, taken over the past few days by combined USMC/CDF force, is being lost by CDF units left in control.

The US 27th MEU task force relies heavily on CDF units to keep captured ground, freeing their better trained personnel for strike actions on more ChdKZ territory.

US commanding officers are reported to be increasingly frustrated with their CDF allies as the conflict enters its second week. CDF units are largely unprepared for operations of this nature and their equipment is at best only a match for the similarly armed ChDKZ army.

Typical chapel of Orthodox Church in Northern Chernarus / South Zagoria.

Some experts are seeing this as vindication for the argument that unilateral action by a small US task force was unwise. Across the border Russia has vast resources ready to commit to the region but as yet Federation troops have not crossed into Chernarussian territory.

Meanwhile nationalist militia, many claiming to belong to the umbrella organisation ‘NAPA’ continue to terrorise ethnic Russian settlers in the more remote parts of the province. More footage showing towns and villages traditionally loyal to the ChDKZ being burned and looted by NAPA guerillas.