Interim Chernarussian Government Elected

SOUTH ZAGORIA, Chernarus (AAN) – Chernarussian parliament picks new cabinet.

While war still rages in the north east of the country, Chernarussians today celebrated the election of a new Interim Government. The new cabinet is holding its first emergency session this morning as CDF and USMC forces continue to push back ChDKZ separatists in South Zagoria.

Acting Foreign Secretary Dočasný gave a press conference before the session where he said “This is the first step in getting our country back on its feet. The election of new ministers shows we are still functioning despite our troubles in the north. This is a step on a road that returns us to peace and prosperity and I look forward to being part of that recovery.”

Combat helicopter of Chernarussian Defence Forces.

Martial law is still in place in the Chernarussian mainland where looting and rioting remain common. As more foreign aid and NGO workers pour into the country Chernarussian troops returning from the front line in South Zagoria are being immediately assigned to civil order duties including riot control. The move is being widely denounced as a reckless use of highly stressed personnel, but he newly established government claims it is bound by circumstance. “We simply don’t have the manpower.” Acting Foreign Secretary Dočasný said when question at the same conference, “we have to make use of the forces we have. Civil order must be imposed.”