New Twist in Chernarus Crisis

SOUTH ZAGORIA, Chernarus (AAN) – Nationalist guerrillas attack ChDKZ strongholds in the north.

Chernarussian nationalist extremists are launching violent reprisals on ChDKZ strongholds in the north of South Zagoria. Civilian militias belonging to various nationalist groups are reportedly assaulting towns and villages in the remote regions north of the Vyshnoye/Staroye frontline. ChDKZ forces have been pushed back into this region by the advancing CDF and USMC forces in the south.

The civilian militias are said to be destroying homes as well as assaulting ChDKZ military targets. One eye witness claims to have seen ‘NAPA’ nationalists burning a house in the Krasnostav region with ChDKZ sympathizers still inside.

The area has a long history of minor skirmishes between ethinic Russian settlers – long standing supporters of the defunct Chernarussian Red Star movement party, the political wing of the ChDKZ – and Chernarussian nationalists. The approach of US and CDF forces to the south appears to have drawn an angry populace out of hiding after months of ChDKZ dominance.

Meanwhile in the Chernarussian mainland an interim government is being established after the assassination of PM Baranov and other cabinet members at the start of the current crisis. The new interim government is being elected by existing members of parliament rather than general public vote.

Mi-24 Hind, Chernarussian Defence Forces

US and CDF commanders have condemned the actions of organisations like NAPA but personnel on the ground from both sides of the alliance have reportedly been seen cheering online footage of nationalist reprisals on ChDKZ towns and villages.

“While we welcome civilian support in our campaign to remove the Chedaki, we do not condone the actions of extremists like these.” Said Col. Armstrong, commanding officer on Operation Harvest Red. “Thanks, but no thanks.”