ChDKZ in full retreat?

SOUTH ZAGORIA, Chernarus (AAN) – CDF flood into South Zagoria in the wake of USMC incursion.

ChDKZ forces – who only days ago controlled the entire South Zagoria region from the Russian border in the north to the Green Sea coastline – have been pushed back to a front line beyond Vyshnoye and Staroye, two villages in the center of the South Zagoria province.

The gains come after key coastal cities and infrastructure along the Green Sea were seized this week by combined USMC and CDF action. “The ChDKZ are pulling back from their vulnerable south-easterly flank into the heavily wooded regions of the north east.” Said CDF spokesperson Tomas Marny, “They are on the run, and we are chasing.”

Although the swift advance of allied forces is being hailed as a success, some experts see the failure to capture or destroy more ChDKZ materiel as a crucial error. Despite a vast influx of Chernarussian Defence Forces to the region, questions have been raised as to why more ChDKZ hardware has not been found. Some experts claim the rapid ChDKZ withdrawal could be seen as a tactical retreat, rather than a full blown rout.

“We’re prepared for that.” Said Col. Armstrong, commanding officer on ‘Operation Harvest Red’ – the USMC code name for their operations in Chernarus. “It could be that the Chedaki aren’t willing to face us [the USMC] in a stand-up fight. That’s pretty sensible. But if they’re thinking that up-country we’ll leave the CDF to it, they’re very much mistaken. We’re here to finish the job.”

There is increasing pressure from both the Russian Federation and European governments to justify unilateral US involvement in the crisis.